Trimble Park

Trimble Park

The scenic lakeside of Trimble Park is a great location for a family day trip. The park features a playground, picnic and camping areas, docks, and a trail system. Visitors can enjoy their day at the park by boat, canoe, or kayak. The lakeside park also provides a beautiful backdrop for a special family event or gathering. You can visit this amazing attraction at 5802 Trimble Park Rd, Mt Dora, FL 32757.

Trimble Park offers hiking and biking trails, two playgrounds, and a boat ramp. Camping is available in the park for both RVs and tents. It is also a great place for picnics and equestrian activities. There are also two nature trails, which will allow visitors to get close to nature.

Trimble Park is located between Lake Beauclair and Lake Carlton. The park is a wildlife watcher’s paradise. The park also has a 1.3-mile nature trail. Visitors can take a stroll along the boardwalk or watch for wildlife. Regardless of whether you’re interested in birds, frogs, snakes, or other wildlife, Trimble Park is a great place to spend the day. Next blog post

There are several benches overlooking Lake Beauclair. Here, visitors can watch birds as they flit around the trees. Red-winged blackbirds and white ibis are often seen in this area. You can also see great blue herons and anhingas in this area. There are also plenty of picnic benches and a picnic pavilion located at the park’s eastern end.