The Ultimate Guide to Pest Control How to Prevent Pesky Pests from Bugging You


Have you recently spotted a few bugs around your kitchen, yard, living area, or even your office buildings? The mere thought of dealing with an infestation in the entire house can be scary to anyone. Bugs are not only dangerous to your health and property but can also be embarrassing and annoying. 

The good news is if you already have an ongoing infestation, you might need to call a bug exterminator to deal with the problem. However, you can avoid the infestation altogether by implementing a couple of simple pest control strategies to keep those pesky bugs away for good.  

Here is an ultimate guide to help you prevent bugs from taking over your home.


1. Clean and Disinfect Your Kitchen Regularly 


Pest Control Worker in Protective Overalls


Since it is the one place bugs can get food and water, the kitchen area is usually the first place that bugs start to populate. 

So, if you want to avoid having an infestation, make sure your kitchen is clean at all times, especially after cooking or sharing a meal when dishes tend to pile up. Try and avoid keeping dirty utensils in the sink for too long or overnight as they can attract common pests. 

Also, tiny particles of food tend to drop on counters, stovetops, and dining tables. These food particles can definitely attract flies, cockroaches, and even rodents. So, make sure that you use a disinfectant to keep your surfaces extra clean. 

While cleaning your kitchen alone won’t get rid of an infestation, it will do a great job of keeping pests away.   


2. Get Rid of Overripe and Spoilt Vegetables and Fruits 

Ever noticed fruit flies tend to hover around fruits that you’ve kept out for too long? Hoarding overripe fruits and vegetables will definitely attract bugs and flies to your house. As such, try to avoid cutting fresh fruits or vegetables and leaving them out in the open. 

Store all your fruit and groceries that you don’t plan on eating inside your fridge and keep your kitchen and pantry clear of any spoilt or overripe fruits.  


3. Get Rid of Stagnant Water in and Around the House 


How Pest Control Works in Stagnant Water


Do you often have to fight mosquitoes at night as you sleep? Mosquitos and other bugs thrive in stagnant water, so you want to make sure you don’t have any dirty water within or around your home. 

Inspect the area surrounding your home, including your porch, yard, and garage, for puddles of water or moist patches. The drier your spaces are, the better. Confirm if your drains are moving water properly, and don’t leave pales or containers with water inside open for too long. 

If you have to store water in a tank or drum, keep the storage unit in a dry, clean area of your house.  

Also, remember to dry your shower space after each shower with a water squeezer.


4. Seal Crevices, Cracks, and Gaps in Your Home 

Bugs like to hide in dark places during the day only to come out and wreak havoc at night. Popular hiding spots include gaps, cracks, and crevices within your walls, windows, and doors. 

You can identify these gaps by doing an interior inspection of your house or commercial properties to check for potential light or air coming in from outside. Make sure you seal any gaps you find to prevent a pest problem. This step is especially helpful for bed bug control.


5. Dispose of Trash Properly and Frequently


The presence of garbage creates an ideal environment for bugs and even rodents to feed and breed. Even if your house is always clean, but you don’t take out the trash regularly, you are very much risking an infestation. 

Also, consider the fact that garbage can cause child and pet diseases, especially if it’s kept unsecured for too long. So, take out your trash at the end of every day or early morning if possible. Also, make sure that your trash can has well-fitting lids to prevent bugs from penetrating in or out.  

Remember that pests can live around your house too. So, proper pest management should include taking care of your compound by collecting and disposing of any litter that’s lying around.  


6. Declutter and Dispose of Items You’re No Longer Using 

If you’ve hoarded things that you’re probably never going to use, it may be time to declutter your spaces. Empty boxes, toys, appliances, and other items lying around and gathering dust can be breeding grounds for all kinds of pests. If there are things that may still be useful, sell them or give them away to someone who might find a good use for them.  

If you have stuff you don’t plan on using this month or the next, you will most likely never use them.  So, save yourself from dealing with a pest or bed bug infestation by throwing them out.


7. Inspect and Clean Your Drains Regularly 



If left unattended, the drains in your kitchen and bathroom can stink and attract all kinds of bugs that habitat around dirty and humid environments. 

Don’t wait until your sink or bathroom drains clog. Inspect all your sinks and drains every couple of days and clean off any residue left from dirty water. You can buy a drain cleaner to help you with that job, or you can make one yourself at home using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. 


8. Get in Touch with a Professional Bed Bug Exterminator

Residential or commercial pest control isn’t just about eliminating an infestation. Professional exterminators can also help you identify potential problems before they worsen and advise you on the best ways of dealing with the situation. 

Skymark Pest control is your go-to expert bug extermination service in all of Florida. We’ll get rid of any pest and bed bug infestations in your residential or commercial property and advice you on how to keep your home or business spaces bug-free for years to come. 


The Key Takeaway



While flies, bed bugs, and other pests can infest your home quickly, they are usually tough to get rid of, especially if you don’t have any experience in pest control. So, avoid the headache and cost of dealing with a full-on infestation by following the above tips. Some of them might take a bit of effort to implement, but a pest-free home is worth the trouble at the end of the day. 

If you need a reliable pest control service in Florida, get in touch with Skymark Pest extermination services. We can help you with rodents, ants, termites, mosquitos, or bed bug extermination.

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