11 Most Effective Rodent Control Methods for Your Home

Although some individuals may have a rat or a mouse for a pet, most people will not be pleased with the sight of mice, rats, or evidence of their presence (mouse droppings, chewed-up materials, electrical wires, nesting materials, holes) in a home. Unfortunately, rodents of all varieties can be very difficult to get rid of once they have discovered your home and begun to breed. As with many types of household pests, once you see one rodent, you are sure to see many more in the future.

If you believe that you have a serious rodent infestation in your home, a simple mouse trap (or many mouse traps) placed around your home will not help very much. For a serious problem with rodents, you need the professional commercial rodent control services of a pest control expert such as ours at Skymark Pest in Orlando, Florida.

If the house mouse population in your home is still small, you may be able to get rid of mice in your home and implement some good practices to prevent their return. Below is a list of rodent control methods for your Florida home.


Proper Way for Rodent Control Services


Best Practices for Getting Rid of Rodents

Many homeowners and business owners reach out to the experts at Skymark Pest to find ways to get rid of mice and roof rats from their properties. They have tried the live catch traps, classic wooden snap traps topped with cheese or peanut butter, the glue traps, and even rat poison on cotton balls, but a dead rat seems to simply bring more. The ideal situation is for homeowners to kill mice living in the home and then deter mice from getting into the house afterward. Here are some ways to control the rodent population in your home:

  • Seal cracks in the foundation of your home: Any entry point (no matter how small) can lure mice in and bring as many as possible. If a mouse or roof rat cannot find a way into your home, especially at the lowest ground level, they will move on to a more easily accessible location.
  • Remove other points of entry: Gaps in any window or door can be a potential entry point in your home for a mouse. This includes such places as your garage door or gaps in your attic and roof.
  • Check the roof: Again, any tiny entry point can give a mouse or rat access to your home. Be sure your roof, chimney, attic vents, and other areas of the roof are sealed off completely. This includes putting the top on your chimney.
  • Check the outdoor areas around your home: Be sure you have not left any gardening debris or woodpiles exposed against your home. These are great places for mice and rats to gather and breed as they work their way into the house.
  • Put away all food sources: Whether it is your dinner leftovers or the pet food bowls on the floor, rats are scavengers and will be attracted to these food items. Anything kept in cabinets should be put in sealed containers that are airtight because mice naturally find their way into cabinets and chew through the boxes.
  • Take out the trash: Never leave excessive trash in your home because rodents are attracted to it. Trash bins that are outside or in the garage should be closed tightly.
  • Fix leaks in your pipes: Moisture can attract rodents, various insects, and other pests. Check your bathrooms, attics, basement, and other locations for pipes that may have leaks.
  • Check wires and pipes: Any openings in pipes or loosened wires can create the opening that rodents need to enter the home and begin nesting. Other animals may also take advantage of these openings.
  • Clean your home thoroughly: Any time there are piles of clothing or other objects, rodents and insects will be attracted to them. These make for excellent nesting sites and hiding spots.
  • Remove mice droppings: When you notice feces and urine-covered items in your home, be sure to remove them and clean the areas thoroughly. To get rid of rats and mice, you need to eliminate their presence.
  • Contact rodent control professionals: If you have tried a variety of different options, including spring-loaded traps and bait stations but had no luck eliminating the rodent problem, you may need the expert services of commercial rodent control professionals.


Why Eliminate Rats and Mice from Your Property

Rodents in your home can cause serious damage to the structure of your building, spread diseases, and make your home unsanitary for you and your family. You must seal entry points to prevent rodents from entering your house and work diligently to keep the entire population of rodents and other pests in Florida away from your domicile.

At Skymark Pest, we understand how important it is to keep you and your family safe and healthy. Rats and mice can have severe effects on your health as well as the integrity of your home. To ensure that rodents and all traces of their presence have been eliminated from your house, you must hire professionals. Our team will check all home areas, including crawl spaces and even weather stripping, to ensure rodents cannot get in.


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If you are a Florida resident dealing with a rodent problem, do not get discouraged if bait traps and other extermination methods are not working for you. Give Skymark Pest a call to schedule a consultation with one of our commercial rodent control experts. We have over 20 years of experience helping Florida residents and business owners with mouse or rat problems. We are dedicated to assisting you in getting your home back to normal.

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