Grantham Pointe (Light House)

Grantham Pointe (Light House)


The Grantham Pointe Light House is one of the most beloved landmarks in Grantham Pointe. It is located at 357-499 S Tremain St, Mt Dora, FL 32757. It is an ideal place for quiet solitude and unwinding with friends. Its cannon, which dates back to 1690-1730, was shot off Spanish treasure ships. In the 1990s, it was retrieved from the depths of the sea and donated to the city.

The lighthouse is powered by a 750-watt photocell, and uses a blue pulsator to provide light. It is also the only inland freshwater lighthouse in Florida, and it has alternating red and white paint with a white hexagonal lantern. It is located near Gilbert Park and next to Simpson’s Cove.

A visit to the lighthouse is a great way to see Mount Dora and its surrounding area. Visitors can take pontoon rides, rent a two-person CatBoat, or take a paddle wheel boat tour. The lighthouse is also an excellent spot for family photos. Another popular spot is the Palm Island Nature Preserve, which offers a long boardwalk along the shoreline of Lake Dora. Here, visitors can also find alligators and other animals. There are also guided boat tours from the adjacent docks.

Grantham Pointe Park is another popular destination. It is an area in Mount Dora where you can walk around the lighthouse and enjoy the beautiful view of Lake Dora. Several picnic tables and benches are located around the lake, and the park features a little lighthouse and hammocks. The park has an extensive walking path, and the lake’s blooms in the springtime make the walk even more beautiful. Click for more info

The Grantham Pointe Lighthouse is 35 feet tall, and was dedicated to aiding in inland navigation on March 25, 1988. The lighthouse is made of bricks and stucco, and has a 750-watt photocell and blue pulsator to help boaters navigate Lake Dora at dusk.

Mount Dora is a historic city with a rich maritime history. The Grantham Pointe Lighthouse is an iconic landmark in the town. It is the only inland aid lighthouse in Florida. It is also home to a Masonic Lodge. The Donnelly House, built in 1893, once housed the city’s first mayor.