The Workings Behind The Best Rodent Control for Restaurants


As much as we all loved Ratatouille, no restaurant owner wants to have a rodent in their kitchen, much less in their food. Rodents are natural enemies for anyone in the food business and can cause big problems, whether a corner store or a full-service restaurant. So you should definitely call a commercial rodent control for restaurants without a doubt!

Not only will they scare your customers away, but they can also contaminate your food. Rodents spread pathogens and bacteria fast since they defecate and urinate as they move about. They have enhanced senses that enable them to seek new food sources quickly. They also have an incredible ability to jump, climb, and squeeze into tight spaces to look for food.

They can also cause damage to your equipment and structures by gnawing at them frequently. All in all, they can quickly infest your restaurant and wreak havoc.

But first, let’s take a look at the dangers rodents posed to your restaurant. Luckily, you can consider effective rodent control for restaurants to keep these pests away from your food business. Let’s walk you through tips you should look into to keep rodents at bay.


Rodent Control in the Restaurants


Why Are Rodent Infestations in Your Restaurant So Dangerous?

Rodents Transmit Over 35 illnesses

A rat in your restaurant is a major health risk because you prepare and serve food for people. They could easily cause food poisoning and spread infections such as E. Coli, Listeria, and Salmonella from their saliva, feces, urine, and even direct contact with your food.


Rodents Are Naturally Destructive

Mice and rats nibble on everything from yesterday’s leftovers to the cord of your refrigerator. They are ardent chewers, thanks to their never-ending tooth growth. The worst thing about it is that they are prolific breeders who swiftly populate once inside. With such numbers, it’s no surprise to find endless devastation in your kitchen, stores, and even dining space.


They are Unsightly

Rodents aren’t a pretty sight, especially to customers. We can guarantee that any customer who spots a rodent in your restaurant will not return. Plus, they could leave a nasty review for your business (which is always visible to the public). Better to call the best commercial rodent control for restaurants than have to go through this!


They Violate Public Health Codes

Harboring rodents is a gross violation of health regulations. According to the CDC, all property owners have a legal obligation to keep their premises rodent-free. All food facilities are inspected regularly to ensure that they comply with health regulations.


5 Restaurant Pest Control Tips To Prevent Future Infestations

1. Take Care of Rubbish and Trash

The more leftovers and food scraps lying around, the higher your chances of a rodent infestation. Therefore, it is vital to dispose of food waste quickly and empty all garbage a few times a day. You should also keep the dumpster tight and place all garbage containers away from your building if possible.


2. Secure All Your Food and Water

Since rats and mice are attracted by food and water, you have to make sure your business premises don’t have any food or water spills lying around. Keep the kitchen and dining areas dry and cover the food if you’re not cooking or serving.

Keep an eye out for food particles in storage areas and clean out crumbs in nooks and around baseboards.


3.  Clear Out the Clutter

Decluttering will help eliminate potential breeding areas. Rodents prefer cluttered places where they can nest and breed in huge numbers. It’s even better for them when water and food are available.


4. Repairs, Repairs, Repairs

Keep an eye on the repairs. Rats can use small cracks, holes, and gaps in walls as access points. Therefore, make sure you repair broken or ill-fitting windows while sealing all exterior cracks and crevices. Remember to fix all leaks as quickly as possible to help eliminate water sources.


5. Repel The Rodents

Repelling the rats and mice could be a great option if you want a fully-fledged integrated pest management program. A pest control specialist in Florida could advise on quality rodent control products that give off sounds and scents that repel rodents. Small electrical gadgets that make an obnoxious sound to mice could also be a great option.


Do You Have a Pest Problem in Your Restaurant in Florida?

Because restaurants provide the things these pests require for breeding, keeping them at bay can be difficult, even with highly effective measures. Here are some indicators that will help you identify pest activity in your restaurant:

  • Droppings
  • Dead Rodents
  • Scratching noises
  • Walls with holes
  • Signs of chewing on food packaging
  • Walls with grease stains

If this is the case, it may be time to contact a pest control professional to manage the issue and avoid additional infiltration. As a food business, you can’t afford to ignore working with pest control because your investment depends on it!


Rodent Control for Restaurants – Skymark Pest, FL

It can be quite overwhelming getting rid of a mouse infestation on your own, especially with the many responsibilities of running a restaurant. No matter how vigilant you are, you could still find yourself with a pest infestation in your kitchen despite your best attempts.

Once this occurs, the most effective solution is to hire a professional rodent extermination service like Skymark Pest.

At Skymark Pest, we believe in pest management that is proactive rather than reactive. We use an intricate extermination process to help rid the rodents invading your business premises and make sure they stay away. Here is a brief insight into our 3-stage process:

Stage 1: A thorough inspection of your interior and exterior sanitation as well as the structure’s construction. This allows them to identify any problem areas that might contribute to rodent infestations.

Stage 2: Pest control professionals will then address your current infestation using integrated pest management (IPM) principles. This might involve exterior and interior pesticides as well as the installation of interior and exterior traps.

Stage 3: Prevention and Monitoring. Your qualified restaurant commercia rodent control company will continue monitoring your property to ensure no further pest problems occur.

As you can see, Skymark Pest is your best chance for excellent services regarding rodent control for restaurants. We aim to assist you to prevent the need for future treatment of your restaurant rather than only dealing with an issue when you encounter rats and mice. That way, we can adopt a successful pest management program.

Give us a call today at 1-877-837-6464, so we can help keep your restaurant pest-free!