15 Reasons to Hire a Pest Management Expert For Your Home in Florida


The humid and subtropical Florida climate tends to attract pests and rodents to your home and yard all year round.  Infestations tend to surge when the weather gets warm and humid in the summer. The beautiful yard and cozy indoor environment in your home make a nice hideout for these creepers and gnawers that end up in the dark crawl space, bathroom, bedroom, couch, kitchen, and ceiling.

While keeping a DIY pesticide stray can offer temporary relief for pests such as mosquitoes and ants, it’s ineffective against spot bugs and pests. One of these is the bedbug which hides in crevices. Rodents and roaches are the other vermin as they kitchen after you turn off the lights.

This means you could be sharing a house with these intruders without your knowledge, save for the little droppings you may find here and there. This is where regular inspections by a certified pest control technician come in handy.

Continue reading to find out why you need to hire a pest management expert to help with insect and pest control at your home or office.


The Process of Pest Management


1. Pests damage your property

Pests damage the infrastructure in your house, valuables, and even the lawn outside. Termites pose the biggest challenge to homeowners. While property owners lose $5 billion every year to termite damage countrywide, 1 out of every 10 Florida homes has termite problems.

Termites feed on cellulose, and this is how they end up destroying your furniture and support beams. They can also damage walls, carpets, foundations, and electrical wiring. If unchecked, these insects can cause your house to collapse.

Think about a rodent that is secretly gnawing electrical cables and water pipes. These small pests will set your house on fire or cause a flood in your basement with time. In addition, they tend to drill holes on the wall to allow for easy movement, and these holes eventually expose your basement to moisture which causes a lot of problems, including flooding.

As pests multiply undetected at your home, they might damage various structural components, cause your ceiling to sag and floor to become uneven. These and other issues will cost you money in repair.


2. Pests Cause Allergies and Asthma Attacks

Pest infestation is responsible for a wide range of allergic reactions. If everyone in your household starts complaining of itchy skin or nose, wheezing, and experiencing congestion, you may want to check your ceiling, kitchen, or basement for hidden creepers.

Different pests cause different types of reactions. Cockroaches cause sneezing, congestion, ear infections, postnasal drip, coughing, itchy eyes, nose, mouth, and throat. These symptoms could last for even months, with some people ending up with asthma attacks from roach dust.

On the other hand, stinging insects such as wasps, fire ants, and bees cause a different allergic reaction called anaphylaxis. This condition affects multiple organs such as the lungs, mouth, gut, heart, and skin.

Anaphylaxis manifests itself in the form of rashes, itchiness, hives, dizziness, fainting, stomach pain, bloating, diarrhea, shortness of breath, wheezing, breathing difficulties, swollen lips or tongue, and vomiting.

Finally, if you encounter the droppings, urine, skin, or saliva of rodents, you are likely to experience symptoms such as nausea, eczema, itchy skin, or a stuffy nose. If you start experiencing these symptoms and suspect a pest infestation in your home, it is advisable to call a pest management expert immediately for an inspection.


3. Pests put Your Family’s Health at Risk

Pests and rodents carry not only allergens but also bacteria and viruses that cause diseases.

Cockroaches love dirt and can crawl from the sewer line to your kitchen table. Their bodies, slimy saliva, feces, and skin carries contaminants that cause food poisoning, plague, gastroenteritis, typhoid, dysentery, tapeworms, fungal infections,  roundworms, and allergies.

Stinging pests account for half-million emergencies in the US every year.  Mosquitos are responsible for spreading the Zika virus, Western Nile virus, dengue fever, and malaria, while rodents cause hantavirus. Flies spread salmonella and cholera, while the black widow spider’s bite causes paralysis, muscle ache, and death.


4. You may be Breaking the Law by not Hiring a Pest Management Expert

It is easy and convenient to obtain a DIY pesticide spray for the mosquitoes that disturb your sleep at night or ants destroying your lawn. However, you need a trained and licensed pest control expert to conduct structural pest control in your home. The pest control professionals at Sky Mark Pest have gone through university training and obtained a license from the state regulator, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS).


5. Homeowners’ Insurance may Cover Certain Damages Caused by Household Pests

A homeowners insurance policy can save you on a rainy day and protect you from damage caused by hidden creepers. While it may not cover preventable damage such as a falling roof building collapse resulting from years of gnawing by rats, it will take care of unforeseen circumstances.

A licensed technician will guide you and tell you when to claim from your insurer. A good example would be water damage or fire caused by rodents hidden in the basement. You can’t control what happens in the hidden areas of your home, and so you may get compensation for such unexpected damage.

In addition, policies such as termite bonds can cover regular inspections and treatment of pests. Get in touch with your insurance company for information on how this policy works.


6. Hiring a Pest Control Expert Saves Time

Imagine yourself crawling in the basement with a lighter, trying to check if there are rodent droppings or cockroaches. After that, you climb up to the roof to check what is living in the ceiling.

You come down, start spraying then when you are satisfied, start cleaning up to save your home and environment from the harmful effects of the spray.

Hiring an expert in household pest control could save you all the pain and time. A certified and experienced technician can identify problem areas fast. In addition, they can reach places you would not be able to reach or suspect, where bugs hide, such as the attic and cracks on the wall.

Our pest management team at Sky Mark Pest has the expertise needed to detect and treat household pests quickly.  They have come up with a checklist of all the problem areas that need checking during an inspection. Moreover, they know which pest control method and chemicals work where and when, eliminating all the guesswork and saving your time.


7. Professional Pest Control Services Prevent Future Infestations

Hiring someone who is experienced in this industry will help you address the source of the problem. Instead of just spraying randomly, an expert will find out all the nests where these pests are hiding and breeding then destroy them at the source.

In addition, they will provide solutions to the internal and environmental factors that could be attracting these intruders into your home and share vital information to help you keep them out of your home.  You cannot get this kind of training from your DIY kits, so why not book our expert pest management services today?


8. Only an Expert can Identify the Specific Types of pests Living in Your Home

The most common pests and insects found in Florida are fire ants, whiteflies, dry wood termites, chinch bugs, spiders, bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, rodents, and flies.

Providing quality pest control service starts with identifying the specific types of pests and insects living in your home. This is because treating different kinds of pests requires a different approach and even chemicals.

We do not engage in trial and error. Our integrated pest management services are tried and tested. So why wait until they get worse before doing something about them when you can take care of them today!


9. Hiring a Professional Means Less Stress for You

A professional pest treatment company takes care of everything, from initial preparation to the inspection, getting rid of those pesky pests, and the final cleanup. You only need to give information on what is happening then leave them to take care of everything else.


Hiring a Pest Management Expert


10. Engaging Professionals Regularly Prevents Critters From Coming Back

The more visits from professionals, the better your chance of getting rid of these bugs and critters for good. Regular inspections by an expert will ensure you identify the problem early and deal with it before causing damage. Contact us for a free quote on our monthly, quarterly, or annual pest inspection and management services.


11. Professionals use Safe Products

DIY chemicals are usually considered safe, but engaging a pro is the only surest way to keep your family safe. A qualified pest control technician knows the appropriate chemicals to use without exposing you to toxins or poisoning the environment.

Pesticide poisoning is responsible for over 20,000 emergency cases nationally. Most of these cases are caused by inhaling insecticide at home.

Engaging a professional to deal with any nuisance pest will save the good critters such as a ladybug and praying mantis in your yard, as opposed to using a one-kills-all spray.


12. Save Money on Expensive Exterminator Fees

When it comes to pest management, prevention is always better than cure. The average monthly inspection fee will cost you about $50, while extermination services will cost between $2000 and $8000 per 1500 square feet. Ensuring repairs for related structural damage, such as restoring the foundation, roof, and wall, will also cost you extra money.


13. Engaging a Pro Gives you Peace of Mind

There is nothing as good as getting rid of the gnawing rats, crawling roaches, or stinging ants without lifting a finger. You can finally enjoy a fresh breath of air, peaceful sleep at night, and get rid of the many bite marks that make you feel embarrassed without any additional cost! A pest control expert will not only remove the pests but also help declutter your home and clean the environment to prevent them from coming back.


14. Saves You the Embarrassment

 Imagine the embarrassment of seeing cockroaches crawl over the table after serving your guests food or hosting someone only for them to wake up with bed bug bite marks in the morning.  It is also embarrassing to see a bug crawl out of your luggage at the airport or in a hotel, and many people will avoid you for fear of carrying them home.

Some people associate pest infestation, especially roaches and bed bugs, with poor home sanitation or cleanliness. No matter the cause, a professional can help you get rid of the vermin so they won’t embarrass you when entertaining guests or relatives.


15. Maintain Cleanliness

Pests are often attracted to dirty and clutter. Pest control experts address this problem by cleaning up your premises and training you to prevent further insect infestations. This, in turn, helps keep your home cleaner.


Hire A Certified Pest Exterminator

Don’t let nuisance pests or any insect species invade your Florida home and cause you sleepless nights. Contact Skymark at 877-837-6464 for all your residential and commercial pest control needs. 

We can help you eradicate pests that can damage your houseplant or environmental problems. We use superior products and offer all-year-round support to our customers in the state of Florida.